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Terry Candlish was the VP of Operations, Chief Operating Officer and co-owner of Cascade Technical Sciences. In this role, he looked after the technical training, daily operations, growth and expansion of the company. Those functions were on the daily operations level along with the Executive decision level. Terry led a team providing Environmental Testing Services Internationally. His responsibilities included all aspects of the business including sales, finance, personnel management, grooming of up and comers and company real estate.

Terry had a critical function in growing the company and garnering the attention of multiple large Corporations that wished to purchase the Company. Ultimately the company was sold to Element Materials Technology based in the UK and is one of the largest testing lab companies in the world.

Through the entire process Terry has accumulated vast knowledge from cold starting a company, growing a company, purchasing a company and the painstaking process of selling a company. 

A big believer in giving back to the community, Terry supports the Bald Faced Truth Foundation that provides music instruments, art supplies and sporting equipment for underprivileged children. Terry also supports Dove Lewis that provides assistance for families that can not afford emergency care for their pets.

After selling Cascade Technical Sciences, Terry used the 5 year window of his non-compete clause to enjoy life.

Terry has now started a Consulting Company (Candlish Elite, LLC) where he assists people in all aspects of business. These include starting from the ground up, assisting in growth of an existing company, Life Coaching for Business owners and Management Mentoring. 

Terry is no stranger to working everywhere from the ground level all the way up to working as an owner of a business. Having spent 25+ years in the Aerospace Industry as a Technician, Manager, VP of Operations, Chief Operating Officer and owner of multiple businesses, the decision making and evaluation process has given him the experience to look at all decisions from all perspectives which has increased the success rate of his decision making process.

Prior to starting his career, Terry spent time in the United States Navy aboard the USS Independence on the catapult crew launching aircraft and is a Gulf War veteran.

Terry specializes in Business Operations/Growth, Environmental Testing, Assisting CEO's during the sale of their company and grooming of up-and-coming leaders and has successfully served a range of clients along with his own companies. 


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