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Whatever changes you’re hoping to make or goals you’re trying to achieve, I’ll provide you with sound advice and professional guidance every step of the way no matter where you are located. Whether you are a start up or already in business, I can help. Your Initial consultation is at no cost to you. Get your questions answered.

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About Me

I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes. When you work with me, you should expect a collaboration with transparency and consistency. I have started and grown multiple businesses with measured success. Want to learn more? Contact me today for a no cost initial consultation.

During this session, whether it be a phone call, a Zoom meeting or an in person visit. We will begin taking the steps to get your business going. We will discuss the structure of your business and taking courses of action to bring your business to life in a cost effective and efficient way. If you are already in business, we can evaluate ways to improve efficiency and profitability and look at areas that might need attention.

During this session, we will discuss what your goals are and determine the type of assistance that you need. Once we get a chance to talk, we will determine the next course of action and decide what our role can be for helping make your vision a reality. 

With over 30 years in the Environmental Testing business as a Technician, Manager and Owner, I can determine what proper specifications to use and which laboratory to use. We can guide you thru the process or we can manage the project for you to bring a reliable product to market.

With many years of operating at all levels of Management, I can use real world experience and assist you. Do you have difficulty managing personnel? Do you have difficulty staying organized and managing your time? Do you need a Mentor to guide you on the business side of things as a new Leader? Do you own a business and need a fresh set of eyes to help make your business as efficient and profitable as it can be? 

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12521 NW Jackson Quarry Rd.

Hillsboro, Or. 97124

(503) 502-7882

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